Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Welcome to BikoVEVO

BikoVEVO is a team of bloggers that writes about Self-Help Content for personal Growth (Self-Development) & Dating Advise. We are mainly focused on Creating the Alpha Male & Changing Perceptions for a Positive Global Impact.

Stephen Biko


Stephen Biko is a blogger, you tuber & a spoken word artist who is passionate about writing and speaking about life experiences.


Life Experiences Is The Inspiration

Passion towards writing results from Daily Life Experiences that we face. It's generally people's lifestyles and how they relate with one another.

Dating Advice

Dating is a crucial thing in someone's life experiences, the content provided on dating focuses on every aspect that might encounter anyone in this area...

Alpha Male

The man is the focus of any society. Most men's masculinity have been killed by the society. This section focuses on awakening the fearless Alpha Male that will be a role model to the society...


Personal Growth is one thing that can help you overcome many situations in life. I believe that there are no problems in life, only weaknesses. Because when you work on yourself & grow stronger, problems grow weaker...