Giving Back to Society; You Were Born to Be an Answer Not a Problem

Giving Back to Society; You Were Born to Be an Answer Not a Problem


What you owe the society

This society is looking for something that your life contains. You have something to give back to your society; Millions of people out there depend on your undiscovered potential.

All these people you see, every young person you see is carrying an answer to unsolved problems. The pregnant ladies you see, are going to give us beautiful creatures that have answers to the questions this society is asking, & you too are no exception, you got an answer that your society is looking for!

Perhaps someone is dying somewhere just because you did not work hard to become a doctor and save their life, because it might be that the path of their destiny was made to pass through your hands (or can we say that you’re suffering now, simply because the person who was to make your dream come true already messed up with their life) …ohm, don’t take it too serious buddy, it’s more of an assumption than reality. I said… maybe!

 I read a book and this author said “It’s a serious crime to die with water when other people are dying of thirst.”

Where were we? … ‘maybe’ there’re records to be set or broken and make your people proud but you just decided not to do a follow up on where your potential might take you! …maybe you’re to be the next president of your nation but some limited mindset tells you, ‘what was meant to be will always be’.

By the way, who says just because it was meant to be, you should not get up and follow your dreams? In any case, don’t you think the ‘enemy’ is aware of your destiny so he’ll keep you trapped in the thoughts of believing in what was meant to be and that way trading away your true destiny?

How different you are

Anyway, back to business! Every person has some uniqueness in them and the most interesting fact is that, no one can clone and portray that uniqueness the exact way you do. It’s only you; Nobody can sing the way you sing, nobody can write the way you write, nobody can kiss the way you kiss, nobody can think the way you think (because nobody has read the books you’ve read or met the people you’ve met and experienced life the way you’ve done – in that particular sequence, at that particular time and at that particular moment or place), you are different and that makes you unique.

Of course, there are people out there (for example you want to be a footballer or a musician), that can play football better than you, sing better than you; True! But that’s not my point. Footballer or musician that is just a profession, but there is something that makes you a unique footballer, that talent or strength that makes you different from other musicians.

Or let’s just say, ‘…doing things your way’. That’s how you make a difference. And that’s why you should not be discouraged thinking that the competition is stiff so you won’t be recognized because there are people better than you already.

 “We can’t look at the competition and say ‘we are going to do it better’, we got to look at the competition and say, ‘we are going to do it differently’!” That’s what entrepreneurs say out there.

And for the sake of emphasis I say, ‘…no one has read the exact books you’ve read or interacted with certain people and experienced life situations at that specific time in that specific manner with that specific perception like you did’. We all have different ways of looking at things, and that’s how different we are.

Don’t Underestimate Your Impact

Now, this is important. You might think, that uniqueness or that idea you have is very small. Like, ‘I’m just good at reading, just good at serving’ – yes! All these massive successes you see started as ‘just’.

Google was ‘just’ a search engine, Facebook was ‘just’ a social site. Have you not heard this, ‘In a seed there is a forest’? …the 7 billion people on earth today were all hidden in Adam. Therefore, the death of a seed is the burial of a forest, and that’s how big your ‘just’ is buddy! This is not a motivational speech am presenting to you, this is reality!!!

In the movie titled, ‘Steve Jobs’, John Scullery the guy whom Jobs hired to do marketing for him said (paraphrased), “The tool for the mind is limitless. Because people will never stop believing that they can get more out of something. Whether it be their jobs, their marriages, their money, their lives”.

That’s exactly what you got to do with the idea that you’ve settled for. This is a custom world and when it comes to custom things, the only limitation is your imagination. There are no limitations in the world; find more problems to solve, interact with things connected to your passion, …simply find a wrong that you wanna make right!

That’s the reason Google is a massive company, the reason why Facebook is not ‘just’ a website anymore but a multibillion company.

Go out there and do it for your people, your lover, for your name! Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve! It is not meant for certain people, but for those are willing to try. Remember; this society is looking for something that your life contains. And don’t forget this too; that all ideas are equal but thinking, the amount of attention and the work put in them is what creates the difference. Good luck!

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