This article is an extension of the first one on; How to have a Strong Relationship with your Partner. It helps you build a strong relationship with your partner, one that will last as long as you both want it.

Work for what you want

‘If you want a whore buy one, if you want a queen earn her’.

I heard that from Game of Thrones. So, if you want a lasting relationship you got to work for it. We live in a quick fix generation of throwing away things that don’t work and getting something new. But this is not the way of happily ever after, this way you won’t grow.

Starting a fresh is a different journey with different rules, but sticking to what you have that is not working till you make it work, is a way of growing together and you’ll understand it better. Therefore, easy to handle. Just don’t wait for what is ready, prepare it yourself so you may get the love, respect & the relationship you deserve.

Good things come to existence through the process of trial and error. So, don’t’ think you just gonna get ‘Mr. or Miss Right’ on your first date. It happens but rare cases. You might shine before people as a couple but behind the scenes you’re doing a lot to make sure it works.

If it’s broken, fix it! It’s a bad habit when you fall in love, have fun then run away for someone else when things get hard, running away is a temporary solution. Because you might run away from the bush but the bush is in you. So, change your ways of loving instead of changing the person.

It’s not supposed to be easy. If it was then everyone would be having perfect love! And if it is easy for you, then someone is probably not being themselves. Hard times exist, but they should not be strong enough to change your intentions. You can’t just cut people out of your life like it’s no big deal!

Let me remind you; There are no perfect people out there. Getting someone new is not fixing the problem, it means finding a new package of unwrapped problems. So, you’ll keep running because that’s what you do best.

Equal relationship roles

Effort has to come from both sides because the relationship is not just for one person. One partner should not feel ‘used’ or taken advantage of, but each should play their roles as required. This shows direction for a relationship and respect for each other.

No one is better than the other in a relationship. One should not have ‘more say’ than the other. Of course, the man you should be the head but that doesn’t mean you make your woman seem like a slave and suppress her saying your word is final! That’s old school buddy! Or should I say primitive!

See your partner as an equal. Actually, the roles are not smaller or bigger, they’re just different. The small role of a lady in her capacity holds an equal worth with that big role you play in your capacity as a man. That is also why it’s better when you date a person within your class, one that you have similar expectations. This way you avoid such conflicts and feeling imbalanced.  

Because giving someone more power or more worth than you, that isn’t a relationship anymore, just a partnership where someone wants to benefit from each other, to compensate for what they lack. And you know that won’t last.

Be a Good Ambassador for Your Relationship

Speak no trash about your lover, lasting love requires you to be positive about your partners. You can brag about them but not in a way to make the other people jealous, just to show you appreciate and value them. Speaking ill of your partner or about your relationship shows weakness.

You got to show satisfactory in your relationship if you have to share it with others, otherwise don’t talk about it. Only sing of your praises not your failings. Let those failings be your secrets, otherwise you grow weak without secrets.

Have fun with other couples too. You can be invited or invite another couple for dinner at your place and share moments. Go out for dates with your partner as often as it keeps the fire burning. Keep reminding each other of the great moments you’ve had together and good plans you look forward to pursuing together. This strengthens your union.

Trust Your Partner

The key to trustworthy is honesty. Be honest with them, let the woman know, ‘he is a man of his word’ and the let the man know, ‘she is an honest woman’.

Trust them enough to share what you have without having the worry of your information being leaked. Trust them to leave your phone with them without feeling the worry of any suspicious incoming calls or texts. You’re not worried about your privacy with them. This binds you in faithfulness. Love and trust your partner; love them as they love you and trust them as they trust you. And let no barrier cross the cycle! Check out part one of this article; How to have a Strong Relationship with your Partner

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