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Relationships are about someone trying to bring their best into our lives and us our best to their and grow together. This article helps you to build a strong relationship with your partner, one that will last as long as you both want it. How to build a strong relationship with your partner_2

Physical contact

Intimacy is important. Hugging, touching and kissing freely and willingly shows the other person that you are interested in having them in your life and this leads them to believe they’re doing the right thing.

Even when sleeping or resting, cuddling and snuggling connects you deeper. Touching sensitive areas and gazing at your partner reminds them of your lively presence and this keeps the spark alive. Such moments words hold no meaning, but just gazing and admiring each other. Few words to blend up the mood by appreciating & telling them how amazing they are can work. This brings a feeling of completeness and satisfaction which reduces stress because one becomes a therapy for another.

Open Communication & Be Free with Each Other

Open up to each other, speak freely, speak about anything without having to worry about what you share or without the fear of being judged. This keeps you more connected because you become a safe place for your partner. This implies excellent communication and also trust and confidence in each other.

Share your personal ideas, feelings and fears. Create a conducive environment for your partner to express themselves freely without hiding things. If you have anything to ask, for example help, go ahead. This strengthens friendship within a relationship. Don’t think they’ll perceive you wrongly or see you as weak. Just think of them asking you for help, how will you see them? Then assume that’s how they’ll see you too when you ask for their help and I bet they’ll be glad to offer a hand because people love to help those they love.

It’s hard to ask for help, but don’t be afraid. Because this makes them feel more connected. You’re telling them that they have a solution to something you can’t solve. It shows respect & trust. Just think of people you’ve asked for help before, am sure it kept you more connected with respect. You imagine these amazing words from your partner;

Don’t worry babe, I got this…

Support each other. Be a friend not just a lover.

Get a Life (Culture)

Be a team, have a common interest and do things your way to getting other people envy you. Finding something that make you sweat together and laugh together strengthens your union as a couple. You can do movies together, exercise, evening walk, sports or cook together sometimes.

By the way: I wouldn’t mind doing ‘childish’ things with my bae! But if you feel you’re too old for that, well keep reading…

You might have heard of this quote, ‘A family that laughs together stays together’

We can paraphrase it to this;

‘A couple that watches love movies together sticks together, because they watch and discuss how those incidences in the movie relate to their own relationship. This can work as a better advice than visiting a relationship counselor.’

You’ll be more likely to stay to a healthy routine when your partner is involved. This improves confidence, faith and trust in each other because you spend quality time together. This won’t give you time to idle and get negative. It’ll help you get over your bad habits faster.

Also, if you can’t be part of what they’re doing, at least show interest in their effort so that they don’t feel alone. You can check out part two; How to build a strong relationship with your partner_2

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