Girls tend to have this kind of a mindset; that when a stranger slides into her dm, he’s possibly after ‘dating’. So, when you slide into her inbox, that’s one thing to keep in mind – just don’t awaken the ‘dating’ perspective in her.

Some guys can think of commenting on her profile picture then she says, ‘thank you’ & therefore, get her chatting. But that’s old school buddy! Ladies have heard enough of this ‘compliment’ thing, that’s why I’m suggesting something new for you.

First impression

So, to clear that ‘dating’ mentality or any negativity, you got to get her positive and that starts with your profile picture. It has got to be dope, one that doesn’t raise questions (or just put some neutral dp (display picture) – like; art or nature related images).


Get an agenda. Something that will make you sound like a guy who slid into her inbox with a purpose (And I suggest you take her number from a WhatsApp group – just in case she asks where you got it).

One of the ‘agendas’ that I have used and rarely fails is this; ‘Save for a save for status viewing’… Don’t do long explanations, just go straight to the point! Inbox her something like this; 

‘Hey wassup (if u know her name mention it),

I’m Biko.

‘Save for a save for status viewing’

…you in?’

Keep it simple that way. Even if she doesn’t reply, don’t do a follow up. Though it’s 90% chances she’ll reply (I’ve done it several times – though expect some blue tick too), coz ladies will want to have more views on their status & that’s fun to them.

The kinds of replies to expect are;

  • I don’t understand (then explain it to her)
  • yes
  • your name?
  • save as ‘her name’…
Present your request

This is like marketing and in marketing we say, ‘Give value before asking for anything’. Now that you’ve given value, it’s time to as; save her name then ask,

Should we chat too or we just keep it status viewing?

This request sound like; ‘yes or no will be okay with me’

And that gives you an upper hand, coz you’re not forcing and ladies love it this way – you don’t sound like some needy or desperate dude. Some of the replies to expect are;

  • What do you think?
  • Yes
  • As you wish


Only one lady out of all I tried said, ‘NO’ & none gave a blue tick (when I suggested a chat). …from here onwards, the rest is up to you now.

And by the way, I just got three girlfriends (one that became a serious relationship), ‘crushes’, best friends and generally text buddies using this approach.

But make sure you only inbox ladies from the groups, that is by looking at their dp. In case you get a guy then just keep it ‘status viewing’ …what else are you guys going to talk about anyway?

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