How to Know if She’s Playing Hard to Get or She’s not interested!


I want to start this article with a hash truth piece of advice;

Only date a lady who is wants you, if you realize she’s not into you then just abort mission, go home and deal with your pain alone before it’s too late for more pain. You can always get another one, if not someone better. But do yourself a favor of not enjoying a friend-zone, unless you ‘know what you’re doing’.

If a girl is not interested in you – you will know! And if you still have some doubts about it, then this article is for you. To help you read the signals of what a girl is thinking and therefore to know whether to abort mission or to proceed!

We’ll get this right by looking at the kind of effort she’s making from her side. Don’t just focus on how much you feel about her and forget she has a perception and her own personal interests too.

A Girl Who is Not Interested:

If a girl doesn’t want to meet up with you, she’s not into you.

 Now, depending on their nature, there are those who will tell you ‘we can’t meet’!  But there are those who don’t want to meet up with you but they want to be ‘nice’. Therefore, they will give excuses or reasons that might really sound weak. Like being busy, visiting a friend. This will happen over and over till you give up.

When it comes to chatting. There are those that will give you blue ticks. If she tells you she’s not interested, trust her – it’s true! She isn’t, she’s serious! Thought very few will do you that favor.

But as for those who don’t want to be socially awkward, they’ll keep you in a friend -zone thinking they’re doing you a favor of being nice to you. She will chat, pick your calls sometimes, but now the kind of topics you talk about with her should help you figure this out. She will not want you to go deeper into relationship related stuff but she’ll be ready to chat on any other topic you bring up. Mostly they will not allow you into their personal life over chats. (Though we have those mother fuckers who will even chat with you sexting yet not into you).

Others won’t want to tell you ‘NO’ but they’ll just show signs and let you figure out, then keep off. They might respond to your texts but won’t want to pursue the conversation. It’s like when you ask, she replies but when you don’t ask then no chatting! Like when you ask her open questions and she gives you closed answers.  

A Girl Who is ‘Playing Hard to Get’

A girl who is interested in you will always create time to meet you. Of course, there might be some hesitation but her ‘no’ is weak.

She might not want to meet you but she will not show off the hung-out interest entirely, she’ll give room for you to be creative.

She might say, ‘not today’ but then she’ll justify it. Like she suggests the places where you two can meet or talks more about the hangout positively and supportively.

She becomes weak in love already… even sets weak conditions like; no calling me, she boldly tells you you’re in her friend-zone just to let you express your opinions.

A woman who is interested will not tell you ‘NO’ or ‘YES’ because she wants it but she’s not sure about the entire stuff!

When chatting, she allows you into her personal space which shows she’s interested and she trusts you. She lets you get to know her life more, even tolerates deep relationship related topics like sex.

When she ‘plays hard to get’, she’s in and out! She teases you, like she might pull you closer to believing you’re winning her then she kills the moral. Maybe just doesn’t reply anymore of your texts, to test you. But if you’re sure you didn’t do anything wrong then just stay cool, things are moving well.

Teasing you might also mean playing with your mind. Like you’ll see her online but won’t reply your texts but later gets back to you. Just don’t make a mistake of sending her five texts in a row thinking you’re expressing how much you want her. It shows how needy, desperate and weak you are.

She also ‘plays hard to get’ when she tries to make you jealous, like she talks about other guys, the moments or dates she had with her ex. She tells you the qualities she wants in a guy that you don’t have, just to see if you can change her to believe in your way of reasoning. She can even tell you ‘I have a boyfriend’ (mostly girls who are comfortable with their relationships don’t even respond). Or she tells you she’s not ready to date now, maybe you date later after a certain period of time!

Bonus tip

If you realize she’s ‘playing hard to get’, then start to give her attention but not in a desperate manner. Make her think about you more; like you can delay to reply to her texts for ten minutes or a whole day so she can know you’re not really into her that much. This gives her time to think about you. But don’t over-do it because it will disconnect her interest.

Make her want you more by being romantic, creative and consistent in whatever you do to her. Follow her posts, text her, send flowers, call…

Don’t mistake this for something else;

One; A girl refusing to have sex with you doesn’t mean she’s not into you. Maybe she feels she’s not ready to do it with you, like the conditions around are not favorite and she fears for the consequences.

Two; A girl giving you a one-word text reply doesn’t mean she’s not into you. What is important is that you should feel the flow of the texting, you got to be connected. Just don’t force a chat thinking you’re ‘working hard’ to get her. You might want to check this out!!! Why ladies Play Hard to Get

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