(What happened to your ‘First love’?)

Loss of interest in your partner in a relation is a common thing. Mostly you’ll see someone just ‘ghost!’ (especially guys) … they go silent for a long time and that’s how people break up nowadays. Recently I read a meme that said,

MEME: ‘Who else has experienced this new disease; your bae just goes silent, yet you’ve not quarreled?

Below are some tips to help you track new ways to on how to renew your love!

Try to see life differently

I read a quote that said, ‘When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change!’ … and that’s true!

Boredom can sometimes cause such a connected affection to fade. This can be caused by some things like;

  • Doing the same things over and over again, which brings no enthusiasm and liveness in a relationship.
  • When one has explored enough and feel that what they are experiencing is not what they expected.

So, you got to accept the situation as it is. Sometimes we experience pain coz we hesitate. Try to see life as something that ‘you have to make it be’ and not the other way ‘round. Embrace your partner, love them as they are. These are those moments where it’s said, ‘…change the way you look at things, if you can’t change them.’

Attention (Know the value of your partner);

Sometimes you might become fond of each other too much, till it feels like getting someone new will bring some difference. Though my argument is that, if you look for another person, that thing of fondness is still in you. Meaning that a new person won’t be the solution, coz you’ll keep looking for new people.

So, you got to understand the value of your partner in that relationship. Keep appreciating them and feel their presence enough. If you’ve got any attention on someone else out there just ‘cut off’ and love them as if it was the only two of you in this world.

When together try to give full attention to each other! You kiss them like you’ve never kissed before, play around and feel each other’s presence to the fullest. Hold and touch like you’ve never touched before (a million-dollar attention)!!!

Refresh your motives

I read a quote that said, ‘When you’re about to give up, think of why you started’.

Your past as partners matter a lot here. Think of any negativity that might add to this situation; if there are any wrongs then accept and forgive. Try to look at the things you did wrong in that relationship that u wanna make right or just open up, talk and set new rules and make the whole thing new again.

So just keep trying new things or bring old things in a different creative way. Surprises each other, joke with each other, go on dates and remind each other of the experiences you had in the early days. Keep seducing each other every time and find a friend in that partner, not just a lover.

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