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This article is about how to build sexual tension and arouse a man’s desire to want you! It’s about how to turn-on a man, how to seduce a man & get him to love you in ways that are simply irresistible!

This game of attraction will make him love you more than before, though it depends on the stage of your relationship. Therefore, we will start from initial to advanced stage; How to TURN-ON a Man; Seduce Him & Get Him to Love You More_2


          Initial stage is when you’re not totally into each other. Maybe you like him and you want to get him chase you or you just started dating and you want to get him serious with you. Men want a woman who is sexy!

Dress code (First impression)

Physical appearance matters a lot when it comes to getting aroused! Guys play the game of imagination & you can use it to your advantage. Wear clothes that fit you well, ones that bring out your figure perfectly! This catches his attention and makes him curious (some guys will undress you mentally).

If you have good legs then wear a short skirt, just try not to show any kind of weakness because it might temper with the imagination. You got to be very cautious!

Note: Work on your most attractive qualities, for example if you have a good smile, nice figure or whatever quality that you know is good, let it stand out!

You can try tight, long dresses with a slit or those umbrella/balloon dresses/skirts that expose just part of your thighs but don’t expose a lot of skin. Though you don’t have expose your skin but just clothes that fit you well is enough! The trick it to trigger his thoughts & let imagination do the rest of the work for you! 

If you’re confident enough, you can wear a tight jeans, then let your panties (especially G-string/thong) to be slightly visible from behind or you can wear a jeans and don’t button up so as to let part of the skin below the tummy visible. This makes him crazy!!!

You can try this; Flash of skin! You can wear a ‘quarter jeans’ with ‘half top’ while in the house or when having fun outside. This appears sexy and attractive!

Manifest your femininity or womanhood

Remind him you’re a woman, one who is proud to be a woman! Wear staff that make you seem feminine. Let that feminine energy send the signal without a word! So, you got to be confident & smart. Have high self-esteem and own your sexiness and be happy about yourself (personally I love ladies who know how to dress, ladies with swag with high level of hygiene. The rest of physique are secondary).  

You can wear high hills and walk confidently. You can do long hair, curled hair or any sexy hairstyle that matches your outfit with a pair of black shades and a simple lipstick though avoid too much makeup or just go natural. Such a feminine behavior entices a man and awakens the masculinity in him, wanting to look for a mate.

Such moments he won’t think. If you’ve heard the phrase, ‘All ladies are beautiful at a swimming pool’ then you know what I’m talking about!

Good smell

A woman’s smell is a powerful tool to ignite a man’s attraction. Look for those nice perfumes that catch attention even before he has seen you! He will for sure want you. When it comes to attraction, being smart and smelling good gives you natural confident!

Don’t be shy, scared or nervous! Be sure of what you’re doing. Don’t have negative thoughts about yourself, because the moment you show nervousness then this kills his moral!

Genuine Smile (Send a Signal)

Send a signal to keep him alerted! Sometimes he might want you but afraid to approach because of rejection. So, you got to create some room of assurance first by creating attention.

If you don’t know him yet, just pass by him intentionally and say, ‘excuse me’ with a teasing smile without saying a word. Look into his eyes, smile & say ‘thank you’ after giving you the way.

This makes him feel you’re vulnerable and social and he will feel free to come talk to you. Neutral or serious face might keep him off, even though he likes you.

Be comfortable with him

Laugh more especially in reaction to what he says to make him feel you enjoy being with him, but two things to remember;

  1. Let the laughter be genuine
  2. Send signals in the process, otherwise he will put you in a ‘friend-zone’ …something you don’t want!

Then be fun too, don’t be boring! You can call his name, ‘Biko!’ then say nothing, just smile or frown while smiling in reaction to something relevant! Or say something negative to him but in a joking manner as you smile ‘…you’re such a hater, how can you say such things about women?’ But I suggest you avoid pointing fingers.

Lean forward while talking to him as this is one of the body languages to send the signal. Get into his personal space, initiate a suggestive conversation; Ask him how his bedroom would look like with a woman, what turns him on…

Important: Most guys mostly think that behaving that way might suggest that you wanna lay him. Entertain ‘dirty talk’ (if you can) but don’t let him win you to bed that easily because it will kill the interest & curiosity he had started building. Play hard to get and in the process of chasing to have you in his bed, he will fall for you! Create a situation that will kind of give him hope to sleep with you but with no assurance.

Playing with his imagination (Mind Game)

Tease him!!! This builds the anticipation of what it could result to! If you’re at home on weekends and he can see you, tie a shawl (leso) or a light full dress without pants then let your thigh find way through the slit of your shawl (leso) or dress.

When you increase the tension, you raise the attraction! Make him create imagination and fantasies of things he would want to do to you if he could! You can also show a bit of skin while bending over, to ‘spice up’ the fantasy.

Make him accidentally brush, touch your boobs or see them, for example when hugging him. Every guy is aroused by a pair of good-looking boobs! I you have medium size don’t wear a bra, just let them shaky! shaky! and if you have large then wear a bra and let them visible slightly.

If you have a good-looking ass, then don’t wear pants in your dress or if you’re at the pool, just get wet in a dress while having pants in. You can wear tights and let him see your camel toe (revealing your curviness or the shape of your vagina; the triangle that reveals the shape of your pussy) imagination will play the remaining part for you.

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