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This article is about how to build sexual tension and arouse a man’s desire to want you more! It’s about how to be a romantic woman. The art of how to turn-on a man, how to seduce a man & get him love you in ways that are simply irresistible! This is the advanced stage of the initial stage; How to TURN-ON a Man; Seduce Him & Get Him to Love You More_1


This is when you’re dating and you want him to love you more than before. The good thing is that you can apply the tricks in the initial stage here.

Romantic moves (Don’t Be a Boring Bae…)

This sub-topic takes over the entire subject, because it talks about most of the things in this stage. Sexy moves; For a guy, there’s nothing sexier than a girl who knows her moves in bed! Be playful and fun, tease his sensitive areas like slight bites on his neck, ear or a lower lip.

Bedroom language with strong words like ‘I want you! I love the way you touch me, …I love feeling you take control’. This makes him get the impact of how you feel him and makes him want to do it more. Guys love to know they’re doing it right, especially sexually – makes him feel manly. Also cuddle while sleeping.

Teasing whisper, where you whisper some romantic words in his ear when you could shout them. It’s like when they expect something so big like a secret, you speak something small yet powerful. Make sure your lips touch their ear.

You can select which clothes he gonna wear for the day and joke about it like, ‘I’m sure ladies are gonna die to see you in this!’ …button his shirt or zip his trousers, this keeps you in his mind every time he looks at the outfit and when someone comments on his dress code!

Touch him often but make it seem like you’re not doing it intentionally but like you don’t have control over it; lean on his shoulder when just relaxing or just rest on his shoulders with your elbow when standing.

You can hurt yourself slightly then run to him to soothe you and pretend like you’re really hurt so you can enjoy his comfort. Or just do something wrongly then blame him for it in a romantic way ‘it’s because of you…’ then smile! When he says something, try to mimic and imitate him while rolling your head or put your tongue outside, something like ‘…nyo! Nyo! Nyo! Nyo!!!…

Put your thumbs in his trousers as if you want to pull them down then hold and press yourself against him then say nothing! Just a relaxed face and directly looking into his eyes. When he wants to kiss you, move your lips away and hug instead or whisper in his ear, ‘you got to work for it babe’ then walk away and beckon him with your middle finger as you move towards your chair or bed!

Goodbye tease. When he’s going for work or you’re parting in a short while, hug him in a style; press yourself against him and let your knee between his thighs as if you’re pressing his cock in the process, with your hands behind his head through the shoulders. Cover his head in your arms & let your boobs press against him…!!! Then let your kiss last few seconds longer than usual! Bite your lower lip and wink while smiling as he goes. He will think about it and want more while you’re away, this simply means; he will think about you & want you more!

Push his forehead with two fingers and say to him something weird like, ‘You fucking crazy!’ If you’re Swahili, ‘…aki unakuwaga na ujinga beb!’ Just don’t forget to put that romantic smile. The point is to be playful & fun! Such friendly jokes are what bind people together. Make frequent eye contact with him without saying a word, this gives him time to focus on you with a silent mind!

Body language like leaning towards him when speaking or hit him between the thighs with your leg below the table. Compare your muscles with his in a way to make him feel more stronger than you. This is to remind him that he’s your man and you’re proud of him. You can have fun in the house on a chair or bed while rolling or turning each other over and over; works better when you don’t have sex in the end, so as to keep the spark alive!

If you’re both comfortable, hold hands while in public but not in an immature way that offends other people but to show you’re happy together. You can get awkward even on the road, drop something in from of him then bend to pick it; You don’t know where his eyes will land next, do you? J

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Wear His Clothes in a Sexy Way

I suggest wearing his T-shirts. This implies a strong connection from his side & he sees you to be amazing because you’ve shown interest in his taste of clothes.

T-shirt with pants only can do better. Make him feel you’re proud to be with him. It’s really sexy to see a woman wearing our t-shirts.

Get Him Alone

When hanging out with friends or you’re in a group of people, find him a lone and just show some concern, ‘…you comfortable babe …enjoying yourself?’ This makes him proud because other guys will see it and he loves it! Trust me!!! If in a party, spare some space for him or a drink; something that will show you care.

So, when in a group, isolate yourselves and make him believe that in this world there is a lot of fun but it’s incomplete without him.

Challenge him to a one-on-one game for example pool, chase or any video game you find comfortable for both of you.

Sit next to him, it shows you’re comfortable and secure with him! Then touch any part of his body you like for instance his hand and say something positive about the fingers, ‘You got amazing fingers that every lady would love… if you know what I mean?!?!’ or try to fit your palm into his as you say something that could relate to the comparison.

Sexting & Texting

When texting, guys love to request for snaps, send sexy snaps of you or do sexting. Make him want you while away! Don’t try to send nudes, even if he requests them because they make him think you’re immoral and no man wants to spend his life with an immoral woman, he’ll just entertain you for a short time.

So, make him believe you’re worth fighting for, be ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ at the same time. Let the snaps be ‘provoking’ but not too revealing so that you leave him the space to imagine and fill the missing part. Don’t take that pleasure of imagination away from him, make him want you more! Create a small world in that texting and make him see only you and him in that world.

You can also send a photo of the two of you that he might have forgotten about. Talk about such good memories and how they relate to your future. This triggers good memories and makes him think you’re conservative (a keeper).

Feel Him in Bed (Mourn & Scream with Pleasure!)

Allow yourself to make some noise when making love. You can slightly screen and mourn with pleasure when he’s touching you, some sexual sounds that makes him feel you’re enjoying it.

When you lie there, not making any noise this doesn’t ignite the sexual mood. You got to make it lively! He feels man enough when he knows he’s doing good job for you; Good sex, if you like. Let him know where your sensitive areas are that you want him to touch most!

Don’t shout like you’re in pain or like you don’t like it, keep it sexy noise!

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