The secret behind making a long-lasting relationship lies in making your partner keep missing you and wanting you more. If you agree with the proverb, ‘too much of something is poisonous’ then you already have a clue of what we’re talking about. Below we find out why caring too much can cost a relationship;

Caring too much creates suspicion

Especially in the early stages where things are still delicate and you’re still learning to know each other. When you spend too much on her she thinks you feel you’ll lose her so it’s her approval you’re seeking. That you’re acting that way because you’re desperately in need of her. Which then leads to a conclusion that you’re weak and ladies don’t want weak guys. This also communicates that there’s something you want from her and that’s why you’re acting too nice or let’s be precise: You want to use her!

When you spend too much on her also communicates that you’re making her more important than you, but that’s not what she wants! Ladies want a guy with a higher value than theirs. Someone she can be proud of and you have to make her see how different you’re from other men even when other ladies don’t see.

She wants to feel lucky having you so you got to be a highly valued guy that when she doesn’t care about keeping you, she’ll lose you. So, don’t lower your value to raise hers. That way, she’ll find you more attractive. Let her seek your approval and not the other way round, let her put more effort into you.

Caring too much is boring

Caring too much can be boring especially when you’re always available. Always texting day in day out which too communicates that you’re not a busy guy and people who are not busy seem to be failures and idlers in the eyes of most women.

Over communicating and spending each day together might also sound an insecurity alarm, where you don’t want to give someone their space because you feel they might bump into someone else and flee.

This kind of availability also makes you be font of each other. Therefore, your engagement loses meaning because there is no room to miss each other, no room for creativity and romance since you’re always doing the same thing over and over and that’s boring! You won’t get new things to talk about.

So, keep her engaged by giving her time to miss you. I’m saying ‘her’ because men should be the ones to be in control of the relationships in such situations. A woman can leave you because you’re fully present for her. Whenever she needs you, you’re always there for her. Make her miss you by seeing what life is without you. Otherwise you’ll lose value in her eyes. So, give her enough attention and not too much attention. It’s better when she gets frustrated for you not giving her attention than to always be there for her.

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