We are mostly crushed by circumstances because we get trapped in our self-protective tension. We are not free when we face things like pain, shame or any situation that tends to exceed our experience.


A man thinks of approaching a lady but remembers his physical status, he imagines how he is going to be snubbed then he goes back to the cocoon; some worm place inside that tends to massage him. FEAR! Perhaps we can it a comfort zone.

Or you meet your landlord, you’ve not paid rent for the last three months and feel like cheating so you can enjoy staying in that cocoon.

But the value of a true man is to be free both in feeling and action. A free man acknowledges his fears without hiding them or hiding from them. You accept life as it comes, you are there for the repercussions of your own actions; whether mistakes or good deeds.

You do the right thing, …you don’t take the easy way out! Be true to your emotions, don’t resist, withdraw or look for excuses. You got to learn to dance in the storm, learn to stay in the wounds of discomfort and act freely even in that discomfort.

‘The best way out is always through’, warriors understand this. So, come out and face your fears, …your weaknesses!

A proud father will say, ‘this blond boy is my son & this successful entrepreneur is my son too and I love them both for they are a product of my seed.’

See… embrace these negatives as if they were your own sons, this is the only way we are going to master, conquer our dark sides and let our strengths manifest.

I crammed these beautiful words that I don’t think will ever escape my lips, they say… ‘growth and change may be painful sometimes, but nothing in life is as painful as staying stuck where you don’t belong’.

So, get the fuck out of your cocoon and explore!!! Find out the adventures that lie beyond your limits.

Just imagine what you can achieve if you were completely fearless, the job you will be having if you never doubted yourself, the skills, friends, perhaps your reality would be much better than your current dreams.

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