Inspirational Story that Reveals Why We Face Difficulties


Destiny unfolds in God’s Way

(The Beauty of Scars)

There was a girl named Fatima who lived with her widowed father around the sea. The two earned a living by spinning. One day father & daughter sailed across the see to take their spun yarn to a new market but along the way a great storm arose, the ship they were in wrecked & her father was killed.

The poor girl tried to swim, struggled until she was finally washed up on a shore where she was taken by a poor fisherman who used to make masks for local boats. He taught her to trade and there she found a new home where they lived happily on their modest income. Though fate was not done with her yet; one day as she was seated, pirates raided the place, captured and sold her into slavery.

A clothe maker bought her for a slave but when he reached home, he found that his home had been vandalized and his family killed so Fatima turned to be the only family he had. He set her free and taught her the clothe making trade. Time passed and a day came when the two sailed again to do business across the islands but unfortunately their ship was beset with a storm and sank.

Fatima was cast upon yet another foreign shores, on the very day when the messengers were searching for a foreign woman who was to make a beautiful tent for the Emperor in fulfillment of the ancient prophecy. Fatima was brought before the Emperor among other girls & were asked to make tents. The quick experienced girl made use of all the skills she had learnt from spinning, weaving and mask making to produce the best & most beautiful tent the Emperor had ever seen.

In return to the ancient prophecy, Fatima was wedded to the Emperor’s son. So, from Fatima the spinner to Fatima the Queen & that was her destiny.


           Even though we may not know why we have to face the ugly faces of life, keep it in mind that there will come a day when we’ll be called upon to make a tent. Everything will make sense eventually but meanwhile do what you can, laugh a lot, keep trying, be positive. They say every next level of your life demands a new you & that may take breaking you down first to get the right shape that fits into the new vessel.

Related Quote:

“There are some things in our lives that we are not supposed to know. Not that they are of no use to us, but they are hidden from us for a good reason. If we insist on knowing them, we end up losing focus but if we focus on our goals despite the difficulties, destiny will eventually tell your end was worth the struggle.”

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