Living a STRONG Life

What it means to Live a strong life


What does the phrase, ‘living a strong life’ really mean?

In the Book, ‘Now Discover Your Strengths’ by Marcus Buckingham & Donald Clifton it’s said, ‘…you live a strong life by building your life around your strengths.’

What is a strong life?

A strong life simply implies happiness, satisfaction or completion. So basing from the fact above, when we build our life around our strengths things become more vulnerable unlike when we build life outside our strengths. This is because our strengths are unique and enduring.

For instance, when you face challenges in your field of interest (that thing you’re good at), life becomes much easier oz you easily endure these challenges and therefore you will want to stay in the game. Some people think when you work on your weaknesses is when you grow strong, but your room for growth is in the areas of your greatest strengths.

What is a strength?

A strength can be as simple as being patient in life, manipulating people. This should be something that makes you more creative naturally, a thing that gives you a sense of meaning & satisfaction. It’s not this kind of a big idea you might think of like predicting the future, singing with great tunes or playing football like some great people you know. A strength is something much simpler.

Let’s dig how deeper how enduring a strength can go.

I believe that to be a star, like being a great musician, it has got less to do with talent and more to do with hard work. If you have watched a tv series called ‘Into the Badlands’ you might remember the Widow saying, ‘…natural ability is no exception for hard work’.

 Actually, there might be someone who can sing better than that favorite musician you know – just that this person did not push as much as that musician you love pushed, or maybe their circumstances were just different but one did not accept their situation; maybe they’re somewhere being consumed by self-pity or procrastinations.

One thing leads to another

 Magic happens when you tie ideas to these strengths, put work into these ideas and keep going… from something small to something big – that’s how enduring a strength is. You make a BIG goal & you achieve, then bigger one & bigger & bigger! In addition to that; it’s almost 100% true that when working on your talents, you will discover more amazing abilities you have that you didn’t know you have.

Like me for example;

I’m a spoken word artist and a blogger. But I did not become a spoken word artist by ambition nor did I become a blogger because it was my choice, these are things that happened when I was working on other dreams. Initially I wanted to be a comedian but I did not know about spoken word.

So, I went for comedy auditions and I met a friend who was doing spoken word, and he enlightened me so I realized that I could do spoken word better than comedy.  In other words, I realized; there are other interesting things besides my ambitions, or should we say, ‘one thing leads to another’.  

It’s all about growth. So, if you know your strengths, your deepest desires that manifest your true purpose, then the secret to success is to discipline your life & minimize distractions so that you support this purpose.

Benefits of Living a STRONG Life

Here is another thing – happiness. John Gardener says, ‘True happiness involves the fullest use of one’s power & talents. The happiest people in the world are those who use their potential to the fullest.’

That’s right! Because when you explore more ideas connected to your strengths you gain new experiences, adventures, you peel off layers of ignorance & ill mentalities that limit you. Unlike someone who does only one thing throughout… day in day out – which makes life boring. There’re no new energies to enlighten their soul!

This also says much about respect. Let’s take Cristiano Ronaldo for example. This guy is one of the most famous and most respected people in the world, so I pose you a challenge; ‘…if Ronaldo had chosen some other field like singing or fashion design, yes he could be successful – but do you think he would be successful as he is successful in football today?’ (Keep the answer)

When you live outside your strength

Now you get it. So, if you’re disconnected from your strengths or talents & purpose, then you’re totally lost. You tend to adapt to opportunities rather than creating opportunities. You’re weak & undermined without your purpose. In fact, you will feel energy drained from you – like it’s said, ‘doing what you love is not work’.

You will strain to get that dollar & no matter how much effort you apply or how committed you are to that idea; it won’t produce as much as your primary strength could. So, find your way & go back home!

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