There is this story of a man in a seminar. He sat on something weird but he wasn’t aware of it, something that was stinky. Since he was bored, he decided to socialize around.

He got in the first group and he smelled something strange, ‘What’s wrong with these people! don’t they shower!’ He thought. Being irritated, he went away.

So, he got into another group and the funny thing is that he smelled the same stink, ‘How do people smell nowadays’, he thought again.

He tried another group and unfortunately or fortunately; depending on how you look at it, he smelled the same stink! He couldn’t hold it any longer, he shouted “Folks what’s wrong with you, you guys don’t shower. You stink!”

One guy shouted back, “Hey, in fact we were just persevering! That smell began the moment you entered this place. It’s you that has not showered for the last two weeks.”


Don’t be too quick to make false allegations against people before having enough proof. Sometimes you might be the key problem. There is this saying that goes, “My attitude is a result of your actions, if you don’t like my attitude then blame your actions.” 

Mark Twain puts it in a more precise way, “The secret to a successful life is to learn how to get things from other people’s point of view and angle of perception as well as yours.”

Don’t be this kind of a person who sees others to be always wrong and you to be always right. Don’t just expect things to work in your favor all the time. Accept some facts like; we are human, creatures of weakness prone to mistakes. Accept that people are different with some unique strengths that you might lack, meaning that those guys can be right and you can be wrong.

Don’t see only what you want to see. Sometimes you argue with a friend and you think they’re is not listening to you or they are being rude or kind of ignorant. NO! That person is also right, I mean you both guys are right just that you have not seen things from each other’s world. Wait, I actually mean sometimes we are both right not all time. That’s important to know.

By the way, I don’t see the point for all these explanations, just know you can’t always be right and you can’t always be wrong. It’s okay that way and that’s life.   You might want to read a related story Never judge people before you truly know the truth about them.

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