Expressing yourself through texting is sometimes really challenging. Coz sometimes girls can find it as a ‘turn off’ just from the way you react to them through text.

Below we got some common mistakes guys do when chatting that might help you understand how to get along with this challenge if you appear to be a victim.

Don’t be available 24/7…

Some guys just think about a girl too much (perhaps too insecure), so they think, to keep chatting is the way to keep her & to get her love them more. That’s not true!

Don’t text her everyday – all day, sounds like you’re needy or lonely and desperate. Like I said, ‘you have nothing to do’ & girls really hate idle guys!!!

She likes it when you’re busy, doing something. She’ll tell you, you’re not there for her but the fact is that inside she’s happy you’re giving back to the society!

Just ‘get a life’ & let people know that there’re times when you’re also not available, coz there’re other important matters to be taken care of.

Though I didn’t mean to say you should take too long to reply – like three or four days – you got to text to keep her connected!

One thing you also need to understand is that girls don’t like needy or desperate guys. They want a guy who ‘stands out’ – a dominant guy. So too much availability might make you seem ‘needy or desperate’, it’s like you’re seeking her approval, when she should be the one seeking your approval.

So, making her more important than you by sounding needy or desperate, will be a sure turn off to her.

Just be a badass guy that when a lady thinks of leaving you, she can’t coz she’ll be the one loosing. Love is more fun when you got the right knowledge and resources, so work on yourself first.

Don’t chat when you don’t have something to say.

Only reply or start a chat when you feel you need to chat. It can even take two days without talking to her, though that doesn’t mean you consistently keep skipping two days.

And it’s important when you’re in control of the chat, so you won’t have to say anything just because you want to keep chatting. Just end a chat when you feel it’s time to end, and resume when you’re ready for it. But in case she starts a chat, don’t ignore just because you read some article on a blog that said so.

Though the point of emphasis is; Don’t chat when you don’t have something to say. It might make you seem stupid coz you’re just texting to keep going – and ‘stupid’ is one thing you don’t want.

I also find some texts like the ‘good mornings’ to be unnecessary. That’s a game for kids!

Just don’t be a text buddy.

If you have a crush on a girl and you just decide to chat her coz you want to please her, or you think she’ll read the signs and know that you want her yet you’re not making any move – just look for some video games and find something to keep you busy!

I mean never be afraid to express your feelings to a girl, no matter how she looks or she sees herself.

Now this is the point; If your crush declines your request, then keep off! Don’t be a text buddy… I’ll only advice you to date a lady who wants to be with you.

Don’t text a lady to please her. If you have feelings for her but you keep texting just to please her and you know she’s not into you, then you’ll end up in a friend-zone.

If her ‘NO!’ is honest then; abort mission – but if it’s a small ‘no’ meaning she’s playing hard to get – then; proceed!

Sometimes when you force her, she’ll end up saying ‘Yes’, so that you can stop pestering her, but that is even worse… coz when you’ll realize that she’s not in love with you, then it’ll hurt more.

Just go deal with your pain before you pile up more reasons to regret for.  That’s why I said, ‘…only date a girl who wants to be with you’ – don’t force love.

Generally; If your partner doesn’t make any effort from their side, if they’re not into you and you’ve realized it, just quit and deal with your pain alone. Coz you deserve someone cool and amazing! So, if the stress you get out of a relationship is more than the fun then quit!

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