Keeping Your Girlfriend by Giving Space in a Relationship


Giving Space in a Relationship is a necessary thing. So if your girlfriend has been acting cool then all of a sudden changes her colors and wants some time alone,
don’t panic yet; I got you.

What to do when she asks for space

Asking for space is something you should expect. Don’t freak out when your girl asks for space. Don’t think things aren’t going on well. Don’t jump to conclusions and start to think she’s breaking up with you.

So, when she asks for space; grant her wish, let her be and you never have to worry about her again until she worries about you. Just let go off her and get a life. She’ll come back to you when she’s ready.

Bonus tip: Generally, when a woman complains; mostly men try to ‘fix’ the problem! The best thing you can do is ‘just listen’, and do nothing. Don’t try to ‘fix her problem’ because you won’t. What they could be complaining about might not be the ‘real thing’ affecting them.

Reasons why she might want space

There are several reasons why she might want space but mostly it’s not entirely a man’s fault for her needing space;

  • Maybe she just needs time to get herself together.
  • She could be having stress and she feels you can’t fulfill her needs at that particular moment. So, she offloads some ‘burden’. 
  • She might need space to analyze the relationship, to see if she really loves you or if she really needs the relationship. She wants to see if she still values your presence in her life by missing you while away.
  • Requesting for space might be testing you to gauge your feelings for her or your emotional strength; just to see how you’ll generally react, if you’ll sound desperate and needy by begging and complaining or strong by letting go.
  • It might also be a polite way of asking for a break up but doesn’t want to hurt you (Too bad but we pray that won’t happen in your case).

Significance of space in a relationship

Space is important because someone might be clouded in negative thoughts and if you try to resist and hold them, they see you as another problem. This piles up pressure & pressure can make you make wrong choices. Allowing them space and letting them deal with their problems alone can cool them down & relieve them from such negativeness.

Space is to benefit both of you since it creates an opportunity, so you can see the places to be rectified. It’s like standing aside to see the progress of your work or your game then get back to track after identifying points of weakness. Space is not the end of a relationship. Even at school you always had a break and comeback with new energy.

While she’s away

Use this chance to explore the relationship to see if you might be the course or what could have been the course to this ‘space request’. As we said already, note areas that need attention.

This ‘space’ can take as short as hours, a day or as long as a month. It depends on her nature of the girl and the nature of the reasons that led to this.

Now, remember this; Don’t try to look for her even if her ‘space’ takes a month or so. Don’t text or call, neither should you inquire from her friends about her because they’ll tell her. Let her initiate the conversation.

Bonus tip; Sometimes if you’re too available, it might lead her to needing this space. Because that won’t give her a chance to be addicted to you. She got to miss you, to be addicted to you. So being available only when necessary is a plus for you in relation to minimizing chances for, ‘needing space’.

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