Some women can sometimes go cold for no reason. Something that is to be expected at some point. They withdraw and become very difficult all of a sudden. At times you’re with her and she sleeps giving you her back and not talking. Some even cry and won’t talk.  

Don’t resent or hate her, it won’t help. Most emotional problems that women experience result from feeling unloved. It’s not usually ‘real thing’ or in other words, she might not even know why she’s behaving that way. It could be a mind created problem that can be solved when she looks at life differently.

So, be there for her. Comfort her with your masculine energy as a man. Be romantic, soothe her, compliment her saying how beautiful and an amazing woman she is. Remind her of the positive things about her and remember; Always be honest in whatever statements you confess! Say something she also knows is true. Don’t say for the sake of saying. Simply make her feel loved.

If this doesn’t work then let her deal with her emotions alone, she’ll be okay with time! If she’s away from you, don’t bother her with texts or calls anymore trying to get her tell you how she’s feeling. Let her be, time will heal her for you.

If she’s next to you, just keep yourself busy and leave her alone. Chat with friends and if necessary, dress up and go for a walk or something. But look smart enough to make her think you’re up to something. Let your actions tell her that you’re not stressed with her ‘cold behavior’. She’ll then cut off the thoughts she’s having and think about why you might be acting the way you do.

She might think; ‘…is he creating time for someone else, and who is that?’ Don’t tell her where you’re going in case she asks. If she asks just tell her, ‘Don’t worry, go back to sleep.’ Don’t give her a certain answer.

When she goes cold; don’t try to force sex, kiss, hug or caress her. Act like you’re completely okay without her. Let it seem like there’s someone else providing her services for you. Create independence outside relationships.

Now when she recovers, don’t act like nothing ever happened. Let her know you don’t like that behavior, but I don’t mean you quarrel or shout at her.

If she does this next time after you’ve talked about it, then pull away and don’t make it easy for her to come back to your life again. Get a life and put her in the ‘others’ category until she proves she’s worth your attention. Let her work to get you back. You might want to check this out; What to do when Your Girl Pulls Away

Now if she does it again and you don’t like it anymore, it’s a high time you moved on or look for someone else who deserves you.


Only apply these things if you’re sure you’re not guilty of any of her actions. That you didn’t do anything wrong to make her behave the way she does.

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