What to do when Your WOMAN Pulls Away


Some point in a relationship a woman is gonna pull away and as a man, you should expect it. Pulling away is when she loses interest in you or feels disconnected. And that’s normal.

What most guys do

When a woman pulls away, most guys panic, get anxious thinking she’s gotten another man and therefore go to an extend of convincing, explaining themselves and sounding desperate. But that’s unnecessary approach. The trick is to make her want you as much as you want her, and we got to look at things from her side if we really want that to happen.

Why she might have pulled away

Some of the reasons why girls pull away; she might be testing you. Maybe she has doubts about you because she isn’t getting enough attention, insecurities, she wants space and some time alone, maybe you’re moving too fast, she’s upset with you or it might be her normal mood swings. So, your reaction will matter a lot on whether to get her back or not.

No amount of convincing will make her change her mind. In fact, your convincing makes her think she made the right decision. That’s why you shouldn’t think of chasing her back. Do not resist!

What to do

One thing you need to understand is that girls don’t like a man who is emotionally weak, so you got to act strong. The trick is; when she pulls away, then pull away as much as she is. This is not playing games nor is it caring about losing or not losing. Perhaps we can call it self-respect.

You respect her decision of pulling away and you respect yourself enough to maintain peace of mind. Simply get a life and devote all your attention on whatever you find worth doing. The art of attraction.

How it works

Girls are sensitive creatures and ones that crave for attention. Such a behavior will raise suspicious questions. She’ll start to ask herself questions like; ‘…what is he doing so important that he’s not concerned about me? has he gotten another chick?’ She’ll start to feel insecure.

It also makes her think you’re an independent and strong person. You don’t depend on a woman for happiness and after all there are other important matters that need your attention besides her. Let her know you have other alternatives and that alone increases your worth in her eyes. Make her see what life is without you. (Song: ‘Let Her Go’ by Passenger You only miss the light when it’s burning low…)

So, when you handle yourself strongly women find it really attractive because they want a man who is emotionally strong. A woman is more attracted to a man when she’s uncertain about his feelings for her. She won’t be emotionally secure, when you also appear weak emotionally.

Begging, complaining and persuading her to come back is a sign of acting weak that also makes you sound needy and desperate.

Acting strongly creates tension. Women respect men who live by their rules, they are different and believe in what they believe. So, don’t show weakness, don’t show affection for her, don’t sound desperate and needy. Then she’ll find you more attractive and therefore re-connect!

So, when you don’t give a shit and just grow yourself, she’ll want to re-connect coz she has stepped back and has seen the light now.

When she comes back

 When she comes back, be a little less more available to her. When she texts, calls or simply gets back, do not ignore her. But don’t turn it into a big deal by complaining about it.

Though you got to ‘punish her’ by no making it easy for her to get your attention, mostly if she’s too extreme with this ‘pull away’ behavior. Make her appreciate you by creating more tension like delayed replies, ending your conversations earlier (limited attention) or find a way that will not make it easy for her to come in. Act busy and concerned about other important stuff, till you feel that she really deserves you. So, next time she thinks of doing such a thing, she’ll think twice!

Don’t take her out too soon yet, wait until she suggests it first. Maker her want more of you and think about you more. Don’t touch, show emotional interest or physical attention to her a lot. Let her work to get your attention.

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