When We Change the Way We Look at Things, the Things We Look at Change.


(How to NEVER JUDGE Again)

It’s in our nature as human beings to define others basing on the way we’ve been conditioned to look at life. That our problem is to practically think only in terms of our circumstances.

We are meant to believe that the way we see life must apply to the lives of other people and this has been a crucial thing in the initiation of different kinds of hatred among people. Religious conflicts, grudges, revenge, rivalry, wars!

People have been calling others names like stupid, wicked, some religions condemning other religions to be false, astray. But let’s look at it in Abraham Lincoln’s way; he says,

“You’re just what I could be under similar circumstances and I’m just what you could be under similar circumstances.”  I agree with this guy!!! TRUE!

Perhaps if you were born where I am today, you would be more proud of my surroundings than I am today. Look, some things are not even by choice that you’re the way you’re… like being born black or white, being born in a certain culture or tribe. It was not your choice to be there or that way, but still people might hate you for it. Seriously?

My point is that the world around us exists as we allow ourselves to see it. Such things have no meaning apart from the meaning that we give them. They’re just words, just names until we give them life.

Of course, we must embrace & value our cultures… our ways of life.

Of course, we’re all entitled to our believes & we’re all right in our own ways.

…but this does not mandate us to believe that our ways of looking at things, or our perceptions are superior over others.

 Try to understand things, understand people. Let them be what they are. When you see someone doing something wrong, perhaps they’ve not interacted with the knowledge & experiences you’ve interacted with. It’s just ignorance, so don’t hate them just understand if you can’t teach them.

It’s like when you argue with someone, mostly chances are that both of you are right – just that you’ve not seen things from the other person’s world. We are all ever learning, ever growing & we’ll always be different from other people in one way or the other. That’s life and it’s perfectly OKAY!

The virtue of true friendship, brotherhood and oneness is to appreciate similarities & respect our differences.

Every person’s decisions, believes, stature, culture or color must be respected! Whether someone is to be judged, hated or killed for what they are, …that is not our decision to make.

        But when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. That is important to know.

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