Where is your REAL VALUE as A Person? …find out!


We live in a society that largely tends to equate and appreciate a person’s value basing on what you have, the way you appear or generally let’s just say; what they see about you.

According to ‘them’ …If you don’t have money or wealth then you’re not worthy. If you don’t look the way they want then; you’re not beautiful or handsome.

But personally, I’ve got a different a perceptive. I heard it from one of my favorite animations, Shrek that (paraphrased),

… ‘just because people treat you like an alien, zombie, or some failure doesn’t mean you are one. What matters most is what you think of yourself. If there is anything, therefore that you want or any place that you want to go in this world – then the only person standing on your way, is YOU!’

What Do You Think of Yourself?

Don’t just let other people’s limited perception define your destiny when you know yourself better than they do. I read this beautiful verse from the Bible (verse)

…We are beautiful & wonderfully made.

I’ll say, ‘Nothing & No One is better than the other in this world, we are All Equal. But the fact behind the truth is that different things and different people feature and fit better than others in different areas of concern at different times. (Maybe that’s why even the snails were in Noah’s Ark, despite the fact that cheetah was the fastest animal – kidding :)).

Anyway, back to the agenda… we are talking about Self-Worth.

Sometimes we listen to people more than we listen to ourselves, but you need to understand that; your value doesn’t decrease based on somebody’s inability to see your worth.

But when you don’t have something to believe in or when you don’t have certain information to guide you, that’s when you become vulnerable to the negative things people have to say about you.

 Of course, everyone has a right to see things their way, and that makes it EVEN; you too have the right to see things your way …so people’s way of looking at things doesn’t have to create a path for your destiny.

If you live with a mindset, a certain mentality you have about life basing from what you heard or went through, then you limit your potential. It’s true that in life we all have limits, and that’s where the fun lies.

The knowledge and the experiences limit us from achieving certain things. We are limited by the situations we interact with, weaknesses… But is perfectly okay! Coz this is the platform that gives us the opportunity to grow. Life is about creating yourself. You THINK BIG, have a plan – exhaust each idea in the list of your plan and stay committed. But people with a mentality tend to be limited by what they compete.

They set their dreams too low or they don’t even have dreams at all, just short-term interests. They look at their weaknesses, the insufficiency of resources and they assume that’s how life is. When you grow up in a poor family, yes that’s a limit; but a limit of the situation, not of your potential. The situation is poor, you are not poor because you are not situation.

You’ll agree with me that, everyone is within a certain limit – just that your limit is kind of smaller or bigger (depending on how you will look at it) – & that’s a fact you got to work with.

Now, this is important!

I’m convinced beyond doubt that one of the key reasons why most people are not happy in life generally is because of these limits.

They stay within the limits of what they already know for too long till it becomes boring. You just wake up, brush your teeth, eat, do normal hustle, make love, sleep, pay bills and the cycle continues.

 I’ve heard this quote a couple of times…

‘True happiness is not mostly pleasures, it’s mostly victories.’

When you conquer things or ideas, you tend to get certifying feelings, you get adventure and get enlightened. That! (ladies & gentlemen) is happiness. Life is much broader, sweeter and more interesting once you step beyond the confines of your narrow limits.

Related Quotes;

  • “No one ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy or stupid. Those are what happens when you don’t have a plan.” – Larry Winged
  • “Set a GOAL so BIG that you can’t achieve until YOU GROW INTO THE PERSON WHO CAN.” – Unknown
  • “Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do & what you will find is that you can overcome anything- by attempting something really difficult and outside your comfort zone, you will discover how strong you really are.” – Anonymous

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