Why Challenges & Problems are Important in Life

Why Challenges & Problems are Important in Life


This article is a continuation from the story, Shake Off and Step On! A story on why we should embrace challenges.

I believe the best way to overcome challenges in life is not to get that which a challenge hinders you from getting, but to have the right way of looking at that challenge. This article helps you get that right perspective that will ease the impact of challenges in your life no matter how tough!

Life is about Overcoming Yourself/ Developing Yourself

Pain exists only because weakness exists. Basing from this fact I’ll say, ‘There are not problems in life, only weaknesses. Because when you work on yourself and grow stronger, problems grow weaker’.

I believe (seems this article is based on believes) what you go through to achieve a particular thing is more important than that thing itself. Because look the kind of a person you become in the process; the fears and the weaknesses you overcome, the skills and the knowledge you acquire and generally the lessons and the experiences that make you better and prepare you for greater battles ahead.

I keep telling teens & youths not to be afraid of making mistakes, but to be afraid of not learning from them. Because at their stage what they really need most on a large scale is not the ‘right things’, but experience. The experience that will help them get the right things at the right time by themselves. The only way to get that experience is by approaching new circumstances with a mentality to be taught and not to teach. That’s the way to grow!

If you focus more on the goal, or on what you want then you forget to enjoy the journey. I remember reading a Kenyan saying from a book, it said, ‘If you stretch your arms to reach higher things, you drop what’s under your armpits’. Means, if you look too far ahead you forget things nearby you.

So, if you focus on the goal more, you will miss the lessons that life offers you. The lessons that are meant to make you understand and live life in more defined way.

People fear what they do not understand

Mostly we’re unhappy about people or situations because we have not really understood the intentions behind their doings, happenings or existence.

Like for example;

Your car gets stack and you report late to work; of course, you won’t be happy about it. But you’ll be happy if you later come to realize that your car got stack because if things would have gone your way, as in the way you wanted then there might have been an accident (Just saying guys, don’t take it too seriously).

So, let’s embrace life as it comes, embrace those unfortunate moments hoping that at least something worse didn’t happen. Like the wisdom says, ‘A man must always expect the worst, that way you will avoid much disappointments. If you fall from a tree then console yourself like, ‘Just a scratch? …wtf!!! Well, that’s awesome, thought I’d break my arm!’

A man’s true enemy is himself

Problems are not real; they exist only as a thought in your head. What is hard to you to someone else it’s easy & vice versa.

There’s an African proverb that says, ‘The true enemy of a man is within, the enemy outside can do us no harm’. So just thinking that no one likes you, that thinking itself is the key problem you’re having.

There two cool stories that will help you get more exposure on how to embrace challenges in your life. You can check them out; Destiny unfolds in God’s Way & Things aren’t always what they seem!

Related Quotes;

  •  “Every problem has got the seeds of its own solution. If you don’t have problems, you don’t have seeds.”- Vincent Peale.
  • “A successful man is one who lay a firm foundation with the bricks others throw away and even a firmer foundation with the bricks that others throw at him.”- Unknown.
  • “Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”-Joshua J. Marine

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