A man’s purpose must come first before his relationship. They call it ugly truth.

Understand Your Priorities

If a man really means to truly love his woman and if he wants his woman to be submissive, he must put purpose first. A friend once told me, ‘…to be fully in control of a lady, you must be independent!’

Of course, women love men with direction & purpose. A man who stands for what he believes in, a man who dominates (stands out) and is passionate about what he does. That is how they feel secured because women look for a protector & a provider in a man. Some women tend to believe that the way you commit yourself to your purpose is the same way you’ll commit yourself to her. So, every woman should know that she comes second after your purpose because that purpose is what holds her securities.

Love can weaken a man

Even in the story of creation from the Bible, work came before companion, right? So, if a man is going to chase women, give relationships more effort & affection then he makes two mistakes:

One; he becomes weak.

Two; he lies to this lady of the responsible and reliable man he is (& he considers only his personal interests).

One reason I’m saying this is because some people get so obsessed with relationships that they forget their purpose. Especially young guys; they forget themselves, they don’t study… Just chatting, hanging out. They go around doing things to please ladies as if relationship means everything and they get hurt and cry and swear never to love again…bullshit!

Check out a related video below;

What the current woman wants

Now listen; In this generation your class rocks more than your appearance. Actually, very few ladies will care how handsome you are. In my language, Swahili we say, ‘cheza league yako.’ Which means play within your limits. If you’re in league 1, league 2, premier or champions league just know your boundaries and ‘cheza league yako’, …stick within your lanes!

 So, if a guy really wants a quality lady, you know that girl you always say, ‘…dude if I get this one, I stop cheating.’ Then you got to raise your standards. You got to focus on your hustles first, your purpose! Create a good foundation, then you win!

Girls can raise their standards by looking good and attractive but for men; WORK! Just do your thing, make it work out then other things will follow without struggling. There’s this interesting meme I read that said, ‘Stay single until you’re appreciated!’

Date when you’re ready

One reason that leads to frustrations & early break ups is venturing into relationships when you’re not ready. And for a guy we can say he’s not ready, because he’s not gotten his finances together. So, if you want a long-lasting relationship, a happy relationship rather than satisfying your own pleasures, you got to prepare for it.

Just like a farmer, he prepares the land before planting. So, if you’re going to build your relationship on unprepared land, it’s only weeds that will grow. When you get your purpose and finances straight then I believe there will be fewer hurt breaks (& more alternatives) because the woman will submit and she can’t leave you (unless otherwise) since she will be the one losing.

In the song ‘Mask off’ by Future – there’s a point in the chorus where he says, ‘Chase a check, never chase a bitch’.

The choleric will tell you, ‘It’s better to be single & rich than to have two broke people dating.’ Think about it.

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